Lion Sip n Sound straw

The amazing sound affect straw with King of the Jungle lion character is part of the Jungle series.


When liquid passes through the straw the child is rewarded with a “gggggrrrr” lion’s roar.


Remove the lion from the straw and use the “try me” button for extra off straw play and jungle fun.


Age Suitability: 3+
Assembly Required: No
Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard

Product Description

Sip N’ Sound straw is designed to encourage healthy drinking, beat the break time boredom and bring innovation and fun to the everyday straw.


Switch the button to the on position, place your straw with the character into the drinking vessel, when the straw is sucked and the liquid passes through the character the sensor is triggered and will make noise. If the straw has liquid passing through it for more than 8 seconds there is a “cut off”. When the drinking starts again so will the sound.


Take your character off the straw and make sure it is switched on. Press the “try me” buttons and the character’s noise will sound.


Sip N Sounds sound unit can only be used on the straw provided.
Please always read the instructions carefully before using the product or giving it to a child.

Sip N Sound

SIp n Sound straws encourage healthy drinking and bring innovation to the everyday straw, through adding a fun character with sound effects to match to our straw we have created a solution to encourage children to drink and beat the break time boredom.

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